Saturday, April 10, 2004

Had a blast since Last 

A weeks gone by since last and its been a good one at that. My crzy friend set me up on a blind date, both of us did the double date thing thanks to her match.com obsession. We had a good time, nothing like getting picked up on a purple harley and doin 80 on the interstate for 30 plus miles with a stranger, not to mention no helmet. Somehow those 2 crazy yuppie guys talked us into going back to their beautiful house clear across town. Thursday was my friday, I worked last night and tonite we were all suppose to go out again but me friend who started this has another match friend to tend to so she cancelld. What are friends for, maybe my harley guy will be another erace replace. What next a semi. Hopefuly this week sometime we can re-create what Sat had in store. Just as well becuz I have to work Easter at 10am so guess my but has a reason to be home after I didn't get dissed they did, thanks to Miss player . Also met a 23 yr old at the car wash a little young but hey this is fun. Now if only my neighbor guy would quit flirting with me for god sake he's married and across the street. We seem to have been at the pool lately at the same time hmm wonder how that could be. Monday I will see him there just watch till then. December

Friday, April 02, 2004

I Am sitting here at this damn old computer on a friday night. God I am sick or maybe I really did die back in 1994, this could be my hell. Either way I Am so not into this computer thing but I came across this Blogger thing in an Issue of College times. I was actually checking out the clubs and what was the thing to do or be when i discoverd Mr. Blog . I did end up going out that night 3 bars/lounges and 2 kisses and a jacuzzi episode I'd rather forget so I shall erace and replace with some other crazy episode. I love Scottsdale aka.Snobbsdale that is like the hollywood/beverely hills of Good Old Arizona. I miss those nights 3 or 4 a week of boozing,buying Brittney wear and being a Babe. Of course this all was apart of the Rebound Process that I set up for myself. After me and my ex split after 5years and a few 100 gallons of tears and the consumption of a million beers i was able to erace his devil of a face. I had more then enough GQ and Jock boy faces to look at why remember his. Yeah easier said then done. I miss him somtimes, a year later and that devil face appears in my dreams I swear he haunts me and always will. I always said he was the devil and he agreed,even said he sold his soul and I was dead that I didn't survive in 1994 when I was a victim of domestic psycho abuse. Maybe he's right I am dead, and he and my life is Helllll. I take that back he is Hell and my life it's getting back on track, He was a fan of linkin Park like myself and he once told me when i was at my lowest that I'm gonna fall to my knees to lose it all, then that devil laughed and relished in that very moment. I Don't hate men though I should but instead i keep my distance and my heart afar because experience taught me u will never know who they r. Always great in the beginning,single is great always a beginning and when its no longer great replace it with another beginning. Simple maybe even cruel no I don't play with hearts, I play with fools who think they have my heart or a heart for that matter. Oh just thinking about this makes me wanna go from pj's to lowrise, heels and my black silk sleeves shirt. Ok back to me and Mr Blog on friday night. I think sometimes that in my past I partied enough to last a good 5 years or more just sitting on my ass wondering why I am sitting on my ass. Speaking of my ass I have been doing so well on my low carb diet it's been over 4 months and I am 122 now, if anything i still got my looks and brains too I like to think. Well before i know it it's J leno time then i can kick it with Jimmy Kimmell because he makes you feel like your really in a social situation. Maybe next weekend I'll find myself in Scottsdale swapping spit with an angel face. I am home because i live in a suberb that isn't worth the drive right now, not to mention the older i get the less single and attractive friends I have. I will never go out alone, never unless i can deface that devil face I've been so reminded of. Till sunday or whenever i guess Sat night I work at my yuppie club so i guess that getting out or believing I am.... Say la vie..........December.

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